Below is a list of commonly asked questions and answers. If you’re question isn’t answered below please feel free to get in touch.

Yes, but the athletes will not be able to swop teams during the season and the teams should have names not A, B etc. Only one team will be able to represent the club in the face to face final

Some training sessions will not be long enough to accommodate the whole competition, so No it can be over as many sessions as possible but held within the specified week

All the same distance and strokes could be swum at the same time if you are allowed that number of officials and athletes in the pool area at the same time.

Relays may not be included in 2021 if circumstances do not allow in a level playing field. A decision will be made in March.

Many pools still do not allow starting blocks to be used. A decision will be made in March

All athletes must have competitive membership with their National Governing Body – eg Cat 2 with Swim England

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