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The National Arena Junior Swimming League

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Special Rules and Conditions for Virtual League 2021

  1. General conditions        

1.1. The conditions shall not be considered as part of the rules of The National Arena Swimming Junior League, hereinafter known as the League. 

1.2. The Executive Committee shall have the power to make, repeal and amend such conditions as they may consider necessary for the wellbeing of the League. New conditions, repeals and amendments shall have effect until set aside by the Executive Committee, or at a General Meeting. 

1.3. Any changes, repeals or amendments to the conditions shall be notified to all the teams not later than 1st May 2021 and shall take effect from the date of the first round of galas.

  1. Competition arrangements

2.1. The League competition shall consist of three rounds, and shall be held;
Round 1 – between 10th and 16th May,
Round 2 – between 14th and 20th June,
Round 3 – between 12th and 18th July.

The club can decide on which day or days they wish to run the events, either in one go or piecemeal over a number of days within the period.

2.2. Any competitor having swum for one club in the League shall be ineligible to swim for another club in the current year.

2.3. Each swimmer participating in the League shall have joined the club he/she represents before 1st May in the year of competition, and have registered their membership of that club with their National Governing Body (NGB) prior to that date.

2.4. All competitors must be a competitive member of their NGB (eg. Cat 2 Swim England membership)     

2.5. All athletes who qualify for the national final/s must have swum in one of the three rounds in the Virtual League. The only exception to this being if an athlete was injured for the three months of the rounds. In that case, a medical certificate confirming the injury and its timescale will be required.

2.6. Requirements to participate in the Virtual League

2.6.1. The gala shall be held in a 25m facility.

2.6.2. Automatic Officiating Equipment is not necessary.

2.6.3. The same gala programme, as below, must be completed in each round to qualify for the Virtual League.

2.6.4. The event must be organised and run in compliance with local Covid regulations, the club being responsible for compliance.

2.6.5. Honesty and fairness is paramount.

2.6.6. The time-recording form supplied by the League must be completed and returned to the League Secretary, electronically, within 48 hours of the closing date for each round. Failure to comply will mean that any times achieved will not be included in the League results.

2.6.7. All those involved on the poolside delivering the event, must be members of their NGB.

2.6.8. Two technical officials, qualified at a minimum of British Swimming Judge Level 1 and members of the NGB, shall be appointed for the control of the session.

2.6.9. These technical officials shall be responsible for starting the race in accordance with Swim England Technical Rules. The minimum requirement for a starting device is a whistle. Assistance shall be provided at the start for hearing-impaired swimmers who request it, in accordance with the Swim England Para Swimming Return to Training Guidance.

2.6.10. Sufficient NGB members, of any category, shall be appointed to act as timekeepers.

2.7. The top eight clubs may be invited to participate in the national final/s, subject only to 2.4.1.

2.7.1. Only one team from a club will be invited to take part in the national final/s.  

  1. Programme of events 

The competition for all three rounds shall be:-

1/29/1050mFreestyle169/104 x 50mMixed med. relay
3/41150mBackstroke17114 x 50mMixed free relay
5/61250mButterfly18124 x 50mMixed med. relay
7/89/1050mBreaststroke19/209/1050m  Backstroke
139/104 x 50mMixed free relay25/269/1050mButterfly
14114 x 50mMixed med. relay27/281150mBreaststroke
15124 x 50mMixed free relay29/301250mBackstroke
31 – Squadron freestyle relay 12 x 50m
  1. Individual events are odd-numbered for the girls and even-numbered for the boys.
  2. Swimmers in the relays:-
  1. Mixed relays must consist of two girls and two boys from their age-group.
  2. Medley relays – swimmers of either gender swimming in any order, but in accordance with the rules for medley relays.
  3. Freestyle relays – swimmers of either gender swimming in any order.
  4. Squadron relay – two girls and two boys from each of the three age-groups, 9/10; 11; 12, swimming in any order.
  1. All teams shall swim the programme of events as listed above, in a 25m pool, recording times for each event, in accordance with Swim England Regulations and Technical Rules.
  2. Competitors may swim two individual events in their own age-group, and may only swim relays in their own age-group.
  3. The age-groups are as at the 31st December 2021. In accordance with Swim England Regulations all swimmers must have achieved their 9th birthday prior to swimming in any round.

These rules and conditions are specific to the 2021 competition and in some respects they differ from the League Rules and Conditions shown on the website.



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