Launch of a new league

The National Arena Junior Swimming League

Sponsored by
Solo Sports the GB agents for arena

The Junior League is launched to commence in May 2021

Subject to Covid-19 restrictions and suitable risk assessments for which individual clubs have responsibility


  • Any club affiliated to Scottish Swimming, Swim England, Swim Ireland or Swim Wales
  • Application is to be made to the League electronically, on the official form, with a registration fee of £10
  • The League will be operated with honesty and fairness


There will be two options for the competition, depending on the current situation.
The League will make the decision of which option by the end of April 2021  

  • Individual events only, events 7 to 18 and 25 to 36, or
  • The whole programme, events 1 to 43


  • The competition must take place in a 25m pool
  • The club will use its own pool, or arrange for the use of another pool
  • One club only may compete

Officials (Minimum)

  • Referee – qualified referee or J2S – the start being signalled with suitable kit or with a whistle
  • Timekeeper/s – qualified timekeeper minimum – preferably J1 or above, at least one per lane
  • Recorder – recording can be during or after the event
  • Neither electronic timing nor other officials are required


  • Must all be competitive members of their NGB  e.g. Swim England Members must be Cat 2
  • Must all be competitive members of the club for whom they are competing
  • Ages shall be as at 31st December in the year of competition


  • A recording sheet will be supplied, electronically, with the entry pack
  • The completed recording sheet must be returned, electronically, to the League within 24 hours of the event

Rounds in 2021

  • Round 1 – to take place between 10th and 16th May inclusive
  • Round 2 – to take place between 14th and 20th June inclusive
  • Round 3 – to take place between 12th and 18th July inclusive
  • The club can decide which day/s in the timeframe to hold the event

Competition lanes – alternatives for the swimming of the events

  • To take place in one lane, or
  • To take place with the same age-group, boys and girls in separate lanes, or
  • To take place in multiple lanes, with all three age-groups swimming the same event at the same time


  • There is discretion for a re-start if there is a false start
  • Strokes must comply with technical rules
  • If relays are swum – takeovers must be correct
  • Disqualification reports should not be submitted to the League

Virtual League table

  • All results will be fed into a virtual gala spreadsheet, to establish a League table
  • The League table will be published as soon as practical after each round
  • A disqualification will attract the zero points .
  • Points – 1 for each team in total for the fastest swimmer, cascading down through to the placings of the last being one point, plus the number of disqualifications. (If there are 160 teams participating, then the winner will receive 160 points, second place 159 etc. the last placed will receive with three teams  being disqualified 4 points).
  • A separate table will also be produced for each NGB


  • It is proposed to swim a final on 19th September 2021 if practical, inviting initially at least the top eight clubs in the League table.
  • If clubs withdraw, substitutes will be invited accordingly
  • The final will be the full programme, relays as well
  • Only swimmers participating in the rounds will be allowed to swim in the final. The only exception to this being if an athlete was injured during the three months of the rounds (May, June and July). In that case, a medical certificate confirming the injury and its timescale will be required.

Competition programme

The competition for all three rounds and the national final/s shall be:

1/212 yrs4 x 50mMedley Relay229/10 yrs4 x 50mMixed Med Relay
3/49/10 yrs4 x 50mFreestyle Relay2311 yrs4 x 50mMixed Free Relay
5/611 yrs4 x 50mMedley Relay2412 yrs4 x 50mMixed Med Relay
7/89/10 yrs50mFreestyle25/269/10 yrs50m  Backstroke
9/1011 yrs50mBackstroke27/2811 yrs50mFreestyle
11/1212 yrs50mButterfly29/3012 yrs50mBreaststroke
13/149/10 yrs50mBreaststroke31/329/10 yrs50mButterfly
15/1611 yrs50mButterfly33/3411 yrs50mBreaststroke
17/1812 yrs   50mFreestyle35/3612 yrs50mBackstroke
199/10 yrs  4 x 50mMixed Free Relay37/389/10 yrs4 x 50mMedley Relay
2011 yrs  4 x 50mMixed Med Relay39/4011 yrs4 x 50mFreestyle Relay
2112 yrs  4 x 50mMixed Free Relay41/4212 yrs 4 x 50mFreestyle Relay
43 Cannon 12 x 50m Freestyle relay – 2 girls, 2 boys from each age-group – girls first, boys next, then girls followed by boys in ascending order of age-group
  • If it is more convenient and it is just a one club competition, the order does not have to be complied with. The recording sheet must be completed correctly though.
  • Swimmers can only compete in their own age-group – they cannot swim up. This includes relays.
  • A swimmer may not swim more than two individual events


  • All participating clubs will receive an electronic certificate in recognition of taking part.
  • Solo Sports will supply, at discounted prices, pre-ordered shirts and hats to reward the athletes.

Rules and conditions

  • The League rules and conditions will be issued to all clubs who sign up for membership.
  • For 2021, the specific rules and conditions shown in the Launch document will take precedence over the League rules and conditions, if there are discrepancies.
  • Swim England guidance relating to ‘Return to the Water’ and ‘Return to Competition’ should be adhered to, as well as any Government Covid-19 requirements.

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